Stand With Local Praise Radio KPRD through Underwriting


KPRD is a non-profit listener supported ministry. To give you a update on our fiances we are currently running a monthly $2,500 shortfall on our expenses. As we approach the end of the fiscal year we’d love to raise as much of that as we can.

Many fellow local businesses and churches are helping us to raise this amount via Underwriting. Underwriting is the non-profit and non-commercial side of advertising. It’s where corporate leaders in the community financially support this local radio ministry and partner with us in impacting this area for Christ. In appreciation of their support the FCC allows us to air thank you announcements for that business mentioning their name, contact info, and a few products they offer.

For a special spring bonus, if you sign up as a new underwriter or for any additional underwriting this spring, we’ll give you 3 times the spots you would normally get for the first 3 months.

So if you sign up for 5 spots per week for $80 a month will you 15. If you sign up for 3 spots for $60 a month we’ll give you 9. If you sign up for 2 spot per week for $45 per month we’ll give you 6.

Call 855-889-5773 to sign up today!!

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