Whether through Underwriting, signing up for a Day Sponsor or a simple Faith Promise, your support is critical as our costs of operating KPRD continue to increase. By supporting this radio ministry you are instrumental in reaching those who don’t know Christ and encouraging those who do. Please consider making a monthly or a one-time donation to KPRD. A contribution of any size will help meet our financial needs and be a blessing and encouragement to countless listeners.

Below are a few of the many ways you can stand by us in sharing the Good News/the Gospel with all of Midwest KS.

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Underwrite on KPRD
KPRD is licensed as a non-commercial station. The FCC authorizes non-commercial stations to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses who underwrite specific programs or portions of our programming. Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.

Electronic Fund Transfer
If you are interested in giving your tax deductible gift to KPRD via Electronic Fund Transfer and have your donation taken from your bank account automatically, click here

You can also mail in your tax deductible gift of any size to:

KPRD Praise Radio
205 East 7th St Suite 218
Hays KS 67601

Listener comments about how God is using KPRD

Thank you for your ministry. I lost my wife this last summer and God used your programming and broadcast to help me through it.

You guys are awesome and a true blessing. My walk with God has improved and my marriage is being restored.

We just started listening to KPRD about a year ago. Our family has followed Christ for a while but by listening to KPRD our walk with Lord has hit whole new levels. Thank you guys for what you do.

I love how local KPRD is. They know my area, they live in my area, they truly are my station

I enjoy listening to KPRD before work and all through my day. The only thing that I listen to or can listen to is KPRD. It really never gets boring lol



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